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Pharmaceutical industry is a prime source of novel medical discovery. Protecting this invention is key for organization’s future success. Intellectual Property if the foundation on which innovation of new drugs and treatments takes place.

For several years, global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical patent law has been progressing with the rapidly changing battleground – and 2020 was no exception.With the most uncertain times and economic crisis striking the world, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the evergreen industries in today’s high paced world. The global pandemic steered in extraordinary blockades for the pharma and biopharma industry. This only amplified rat-race for control of increasingly competitive intellectual property rights in developing novel drugs. It is extremely vital to understand the new directions the judicial courts are incorporating globally. IPR is a prerequisite for pharma companies for identification, planning, commercialization, and protection of invention. Emphasizing on this and resonating with the global theme of ideate and innovate, we are delighted to launch Intellectual Property Rights Conference penned on 1st-3rd September 2021. This virtual conference will experience the presence of leading IP stalwarts from varied geographical regions under one roof to deliberate on strategies to infinitely deliver efficient patent protection in the competitive marketplace.